A look into the future with our design of Opteck.com

A look into the future with our design of Opteck.com

Real time informations and automatic options are the key for online success

Opteck is an online brokerage firm that trade CFDs on Forex, commodities, stocks, and indices. The site has Innovative trading tools and features, and the trading platform is proprietary, entirely web-based. TraderSoft is the platform employed by Opteck, and it is user-friendly and intuitive, a trader can trade directly through the chart. The fully customized advanced interface fits clients’ trading activities. The integrated database and CMS allow the company to execute thousands of financial instruments in real time immediately.

The integrated charting package of the platform automatically predicts the next move of the market spot opportunities, analyzes trends as they occur. The forex website is designed with the custom design process, and the MT4 APIs produce trader cabinet functionality. And it integrates the application process with external API so that traders can have a continuous experience and get access to the account information in real time.

The APIs allows the integration of various tasks including retrieving information for all clients’ data, creating trade summary reports, automatic deposits and withdrawals of funds. The website is synchronizing with different CRM solutions like the custom forex, back office actions, and lead cycle. And the comprehensive dashboard covers all created applications like demo, partners, deposits and more. The reporting tools have module with the ability to export data and show visual reports as charts and graphs.

Custom options and tracking functions for a professional security

The platform has completely custom account application that is specific for each country of operation. Forex currency rates, real-time widgets, economic calendars, and market news are integrated into the website. The custom CMS development, feature multiple platforms, compliance process and back office, CRM cycle, payment and funding gateways, Real forex accounts registration and more.

The IB portal is designed so that traders will be able to track account commissions, manage IBs account, and generate dynamic reports about fees, withdrawals, and deposits. It also allows the administrator to define the commission per security structure.

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