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Have you ever wanted to learn how to sew from a professional teacher, or simply study a bit more about design trends and DIY? Well, you have found the right website!

Today’s review is about a new designers platform that is aiming to help professionals and starters at the same time enabling teachers to share their sewing knowledge in a simple way through the internet.

How many time a lot of talented artists in the world wished they had just a little bit of spare spare money to invest them in studying in an artistic school, bringing their talent out and become what they always dreamed to become? The design world is as difficult as it sounds, but thanks to online features development it may change for the best.

The key importance of Video Marketing

Kilgour web agency takes together expert designers from all over the world and enables them to earn extra founds for their projects by promoting their own teaching videos. In this still in growth website you can find every kind of tutorial(from sewing ones to internet designs and DIY producers). So maybe you just want to learn making a scarf, or you want to become a professional sewer for a big fashion company. Whatever you aspirations are this is the right place to start.

Our projects :

Deepening your design knowledge has never been this simple!

As a still growing platform kilgour web agency is still showing great signs of popularity with an impressive number of inscription from both sides(teachers and students) and he promises to change the way how art & design are been thaught over the years. Basically, you will no longer need a designers school bachelor or particular expensive curses to became a successful artist and make your dreams come true.

The comforts of the new platform system

Finally, let’s concentrate on the internal website design. As it was thought for designers and it was created by experts of this field is a surprisingly intuitive platform with a lot of side functions and a synchronized system that enables work material shopping and makes available shopping catalogues of every kind in a unique web page. So you can switch with no effort at all from shopping pages to teaching video ones and you have everything in just a slim platform, so you don’t have to open ten thousand web pages all in once, your pc and your wallet will thank you.