MoneyOnlineThai – Our first financial project in Asia

MoneyOnlineThai – Our first financial project in Asia

MoneyOnlineThai ( is aiming to bring out the best of trading broker IQ Option’s trading knowledge ,accumulated in years of online trading and research efforts, and share it all in a greater field:Asia

Asia territory is open!

<<It was particularly difficult to communicate within the Asian market at first, but hiring a linguistic expert changed everything for the best >>said Maxime.


Maxime, the founder of this domain, proudly states that it took him so much to reach his objective, but that now he wants to expand in the rest of the world any time soon. After starting a collaboration with various big companies and collecting informations for a little bit more than two years, he maneged to bring out a team of web designers, technicians and trading experts who shaped this new website all together and made it sparkle!

But what is showing much results is Maxime team’s efforts to ideate a special design for this new Asian platform. They chose to not follow any leads or basic schemes,but to start and finish everyting from they own, trying to give the best shape possible to the platform. The concept here is that trading world, like everyone knows, is a difficult choice and it can bring misfortune as much as good fortune. But it doesn’t have to be the same with trading websites:they can be simple to understand and projected specifically to help users have a better understanding of the market movements.

Modern design an simple interface for better operations management

As an affiliate site operating in financial fields you should think there is not much to do to make it more attractive to users. But there is nothing that a well oiled team of experts can’t do, and so we can find now a freshly designed platform with plenty of switching options and synchronized features that proved to be simple to use even for the most unexperienced utents. The website has become online for just a few weeks, but positive reviews are already flowing from everywhere and the most influential brokers opinions are promising a fortune for MoneyOnlineThai. Well, it seems that everything is already been decided in the online financial market, but the reviews are not destined to stop just here. We can’t wait to see the bright future of well designed platforms like this one.

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